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Community Health Primary Care


To deliver activities and services that promote healthy lifestyle choices using a population health approach that refers to the health of the entire community. Community Health Nurses and Community Health Representatives offer a broad range of activities that encompasses: child, school, adolescent, adult & elder health with a focus on primary prevention activities to solve problems before they exist.

Public Health Protection

Communicable Disease Control and Management programs including: • Vaccine preventable Diseases-Immunization program • Respiratory Infection-Tuberculosis (TB) program • Blood Borne Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections • Pandemic Influenza; • Environmental Health (household water monitoring)

Primary Care / Community Health

• Public Health/ clinical CHN • School Health CHN • Health Promotion and Disease prevention programs. (The process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. (CHN & CHR)

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

• Diabetes nurse works in collaboration with physicians & Noojmowin Diabetes team • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) through health promotion and disease prevention programs, services and activities / diabetic foot care nurse.

Health Promotion

Physical Activity Health Promoter to establish exercise programs and activities to improve wellness and quality of life of adults ages 25 years plus.