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Waasa Naabin Youth Centre


To promote healthy youth, family and community environments in which all community members can thrive through culturally appropriate, community-based programs.


• To support the complete physical, emotional, spiritual well-being of the people and to promote community action and a sense of belonging. • To support community participation, information sharing, recreation and social activities. • To support community members in their personal growth and development. • To deliver programs that will improve communications and enhance self-esteem, mutual respect, and community responsibility. • To demonstrate community pride, accomplishment, and the expression of the community‚Äôs unique cultural identity.


• To develop a service plan that reflects a culturally appropriate community-based development approach. • To coordinate community-based programs and services in conjunction with other agencies where possible. • To provide leadership and support to a team of youth service providers. • To provide a central facility to accommodate the social and recreational needs of the community at large. • To identify the service, social and recreational gaps as seen from the youth and community perspectives. • To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of Waasa Naabin programming.

Program Description

Waasa Naabin Community Youth Services Centre provides program delivery to promote wellness and to educate the youth on making healthier choices. The four components of program delivery are included on a regular basis through workshops and daily activity: • Recreation and Leisure. • Cultural Awareness. • Mental Health Awareness. • Health and Wellness. • Boys and Girls 6-12 • Right To Play