COVID-19 Information and Updates


Wellness Wednesdays
Every Wednesday from 9am-12pm
Narcotics Anonymous
Every Wednesday
Ziigwan Sacred Fire
Every Thursday
Elder in Residence Program
Starting October 12th
Good Fox Box
Starting February 2023
Aambe Kah Gii Gindaasmi
Starting September 11th
Kids After School Program
Starting September 11th
Drum Night
Starting September 27th
Baby Weigh In
September 28th, October 19th, November 16th, December 14th
Circle of Hope in Grief or Loss
Starting October 10th
Hybrid Book Club
October 10th
Chronic Pain Self Management
Starting October 26th
Work the Body
October 26th - December 21st
CSP Activity Calendar
November 2023
Amikook Activity Calendar
November 2023
Meals on Wheels Schedule
November 2023
Youth Centre Program Calendar
November 2023
Hockey 4 Development
Starting November 1st
Starting November 1st
Monday nights starting November 6th
Darts Night
Monday nights starting November 6th
Starting November 7th
Women's Open Volleyball Night
Starting November 8th
After School Skating
Every Friday Starting November 10th
Full Body Fitness
Every Monday, from November 13th - December 4th
Men's Open Volleyball Night
Starting November 14th
Baby's Day Out - New Location
Starting November 16th
Free Family Skating
November 18th & December 9th
Quill Earrings
November 22nd & 29th
Ramen Night
November 23rd
Open Air Check In
November 24th
Children's Social
November 24th
Doreen South
November 27th-December 1st
Full Moon Ceremony
November 27th
Diabetes Cafe
November 27th
Wood Craft Painting
November 27th
Single Parents Event
November 28th
Eczema Workshop
November 28th
CSP Program Calendar
December 2023
Cooking Night
December 1st
Family Public Skate
December 2nd
Family Christmas Dance Party
December 2nd
12 Days of Christmas at the Youth Centre
Starting December 4th
Wikwemikong Young Christmas Party SAVE THE DATE
December 5th
Holiday Treats
December 6th, 13th & 20th
Lacrosse Camp
December 15th & 16th
Kids Xmas Celebration
December 17th
December 22nd
2024 Vision Board
December 27th
Emergency Low Barriers Shelter
Good Food Box